This is exactly why I should leave the vacuuming to the maid. Just now while I was trying to clean, the vacuum ate one of my g-strings that had been hiding under the bed.

9:02 AM by Aimee


"Honey, pencil me in for sex next Tuesday at 9pm."

Between the holidays and parties, visiting family and friends, hosting family and friends, work schedules, and kids' activities, I think may have to start doing the above! And certainly having sex takes precedence over writing about the act so things have been a little dry here as well.

We did have a good session shortly after New Years (or maybe before, dates are meaningless). Me on top, my absolute favorite position. I like being in control of the speed, depth, and angle. Things were going along very well, my husband was playing with my breasts which have been oh so sensitive lately. Sucking and pinching, all that good stuff. He even gave me a few good swats on the behind to speed up the fucking. I was very wet at this point, enough to allow him to moisten his fingers and tease my butt hole. And that sent me over the edge. I love this type of toe curling, screaming orgasms. He came with me which I also like. (Selfish thought: him coming with me means I don't have to do any more work *winks*) But we haven't gotten to the best part yet!

I laid down on his chest and enjoyed listening to his heart beat. We talked about what we liked about this particular time, something we rarely do. He was still semi-hard inside me and my clit was twitching. It only took a few grinds against him and I was coming again! Finally he was feeling a bit too sensitive so I rolled off and grabbed a towel for us to clean up. I couldn't help rubbing myself then, my hand between my legs pressed together, just enjoying the aftershocks.

9pm, next Tuesday, got it?

8:49 PM by Aimee


Awhile back Mind of a Married Man had an interesting topic, Monogamy, Pornography, and the Woman in the cube next to Me

If you're good looking and you're employed, ALL your male co-workers have fantasized and/or masturbated about having sex with you. They have had you in all ways imaginable and given you never before experienced rapture.

I have to admit, this makes me hot. I love to feel desired by other men, not just my husband. I like catching them trying to glance down my blouse buttoned to just there or turning their head to watch me walk past in a fitted suit. The furtive look out of the corner of their eyes at the shape of my breasts in a baby doll tee or the appreciative nod at my ass in a pair of low rider jeans. As much as I sound like a tease, I need this fleeting meaningless attention. It makes me feel like more than a just mom, more than just another worker bee, it makes me feel like a woman. A hot desirable sexy woman.

So flirt with me just a little, subtly let me know you appreciate my curves and the way I dress. I may respond with a "drop dead" look or a girlish giggle or maybe even a little wink but no matter what, inside I'm melting into a pool of sexual warmth because you desire me.

Disclaimer: Not all women are like me (obviously). Be careful and don't get yourself slapped with a sexual harassment suit!

5:07 PM by Aimee


I have a little theory about The Pill and sex drives. As you all know, hormones are what make the world go round (well sort of). They can make men aggressive and masculine, women curvy and fertile. The ebb and flow of hormones controls a woman's menstrual cycle and as I hope to prove, part of her sex drive.

I hate the comparison but a female dog in heat? To put it simply is a much more aggressive form of an ovulating woman. And what does The Pill do? Stops ovulation. Therefore in my theory it has to suppress at least some of the hormones that make a woman horny.

A little background, I used to follow Natural Family Planning (NFP) as a birth control method. The idea is that a sustained rise in body temperature (as little as .4 degrees above the baseline) signals a woman is ovulating. So I charted away for months. And I found a very odd thing. I was horniest when my charts showed me to be ovulating. Which makes it interesting because to avoid pregnancy (as we were trying to do), we had to abstain (or use a condom) exactly when I wanted sex the most. And me wanting to have sex at the "wrong" time of the month resulted in our second child. hehe

On the other end of the spectrum, I tried The Pill for 3 months. I had no sex drive and was a crabby bitch (to put it nicely) the entire time. I am not a happy camper when I don't have sex and the double whammy of not wanting to have sex in the first place pushed me to the limit. As soon as I realized it could be The Pill causing all these problems, I was off it faster than a thong off a stripper. And my sex drive returned immediately almost like magic. (For the record, our preferred method of birth control now is my tubal ligation.)

Can a woman use The Pill and keep her sex drive? It can be done, I'm sure you know of someone who handles the extra hormones well. There are different levels of hormones in the different brands, maybe try another if you or your sex partner is having difficulty with a low sex drive without any other possible causes (stress, new baby, etc). I just bring up this issue because I think too many women are losing their sex drives and trying to blame other issues when it's The Pill screwing with it instead.

As for me? I'm currently ovulating and planning a lovely evening of jumping my husband's bones. *evil grins*

7:39 AM by Aimee


To be completely honest, my own sexuality scares me sometimes. I think a small part of it is because society can be so prudish. I feel like I have to hide this part of me away. Don't flirt at work, you'll be slapped with a sexual harassment suit. Don't wear a skimpy bikini while at the beach with the kids, you'll get enough evil looks from other moms to burn you to a crisp. Don't enjoy sex, close your eyes and think of Mother England.

It's probably mostly because I have let my sexuality and fantasies get away from me. I've hurt people I love dearly then. I have trouble with extremes. It's too easy for me to go all out, screw and cyber with anyone and everyone around me. I usually feel miserable afterwards. Instead of being blissfully fulfilled, the guilt weighs on me like having eaten an entire chocolate cake in one sitting.

And then I go to the other extreme, losing the sexual side of me completely. Not to the point of turning down my husband but me not being creative in bed or flirting or having random sexual thoughts. An online forum friend once thought I was a complete prude because I never let the sexual side of me show in my posts. She was extremely surprised when in private chat once, I ran through the list of things I have done (anal, one night stands, threesomes, etc). She was then the tame one, having only role-played with her husband and nothing more.

I'm looking for the middle ground. The area where I'm okay flirting with a guy but not feeling the urge to go to bed with him. The part where I can wear a slightly sexy tank top and low rise pants to the kids' soccer practice and not feel the wrath of the frumpy moms in XXL shirts and elastic jeans. The IM conversation with a friend that doesn't dissolve into cyber sex. When I can be a 50's throw back housewife and a caring thoughtful mom and a sexy intelligent modern woman all at once. The middle ground. Why does it seem so elusive?

4:05 PM by Aimee


BJ Day!

This is a little tradition I started way back with my first boyfriend. On the first day of my period, the guy in my life is treated to a no strings attached blow job. (not that I would ever attach strings to anything sex related. unless he asked me to) I enjoy giving head, he gets off, everyone is happy! Who ever said traditions can't be fun? *winks*

11:56 AM by Aimee


On internet toy shopping

Me: I want a butt plug, anal beads, a small vibe like one and a half inches in diameter, some cuffs and other bondage gear. Oh and a paddle.

Husband: ...

Me: What are you getting?

Husband: I don't know, I don't have a long laundry list going like you do.

Me: Oh.

*waits impatiently for the UPS man*

4:36 PM by Aimee

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